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ALC, Sagafurs & Fur Harvesters Auction
Preliminary Sales Program – March 2017

ALC, Sagafurs & Fur Harvesters Auction Preliminary Sales Program – March 2017

Inspection: From February 27 – March 4, 2017
SALES: March 5 – 15, 2017

American Legend, Fur Harvesters and Saga Furs – March 2017 Preliminary Offering is now ready. The offering will include 6.2 Million Mink, 795.000 foxes, 573.000 other fur types including Finnraccoon, karakul and wild fur.

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NAFA Auction Reports – February 2017-Daily!

 NAFA Auction Reports – February 2017

NAFA’s February Sale Closes with Strong Support of the Global Market
NAFA’s February mink sale completed on a successful note, the trend continued & advancing prices on White and Pastel mink.

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'Discovering fur'' Inspiration & Information:
Youth path to fur fashion

 Discovering fur Inspiration & Information

January 30, 2017 - The workshop ''Discovering fur'' gathered together young fashion and design students for a showcase of the limitless opportunities to use fur in fashion.
‘’All young designers need the basic information. If they don’t have it – they will not use fur in the future.’’

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Canadian Ambassador Visits Blackglama Shop in Moscow

Canadian Ambassador Visits Blackglama Shop in Moscow

December 2016, Canadian Ambassador to Russia, John Kur, made an impromptu visit to the Blackglama shop located in the historic GUM Department store.

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Fur Fair Shows

Weekly Round Up

Annual fur festival takes place in Alaska, USA

Native Alaskans have handcrafted such boots for centuries. The outer layer is traditionally made from sealskin, to make the footwear waterproof, while the fur lining provides warmth. For Eskimos in the wilderness, warm, dry feet can mean the difference between life and death.

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History of the Hudson's Bay Company

One of the oldest continuous companies in the world is the Hudson’s Bay Company, and its oldest tradition is the fur trade.
Founded in 1670, it built its reputation and many fortunes for investors, on the lucrative fur trade. In the early years, the “new world” became a rich source of furs for Europe especially beaver pelts used for Europe’s fashionable hats. A war was even fought for territory and control of the furs, called the Beaver wars. That tradition ended on January 30, 1991.

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Gallery of the best street style fur looks from New York Mens Fashion Week

New York's Fashion Week Peacocks Show You Every Way to Wear Fur This Winter
During a fall season beset by snow and plummeting temperatures, a chic coat is a must for any street style star. And, with colorful collars on dark, brooding outerwear to shearling jackets to plush, luxurious coats, it seems that fur, real or faux, is the optimal way to stay warm on the streets of the city during New York Fashion Week:

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