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Kopenhagen Fur Auction Reports – April 2015



April 23, 2015: Kopenhagen Auction concluded on a successful note


Mr Michael Tager and Mr Frank Sun bid for the top lot of Palomino Velvet males in the auction room in Glostrup Thursday morning.

They made the highest bid at 920 DKK ( $134 USD) and got the top lot for their customer Mr Shijiazhuang Xindeli from the manufacturer and retail shop S.X. Garment Co. Ltd. in Xin Ji City, Hebei, China.

“I bought the top lot to promote Danish skin quality in Hebei, China, where I come from, and to promote my business too, of course, “ Mr Shijiazhuang Xindeli says.

Shijiazhuang Xindeli comes from the same area in China as the top lot buyer of Silverblue Cross females, Mr Zhang Shi Xiong and they know each other well.

For the last five years they have focused on the domestic market in China, instead of the difficult market in Russia, Frank Sun explains.

Both Mr Zhang Shi Xiong and today's top lot buyer Mr Shijiazhuang Xindeli are expecting much of the market in China.

Last day sale was the Palomino, Black and Brown with males and females skin sales both under strong competition, price were steady, with all the quantities selling 100 per cent.


Sales Results





Day 4 & 5: Strong competition in the auction room!

Over 800,000 Brown Males was offered at Kopenhagen Fur Monday. The sale was eagerly anticipated as the average prices essential for the overall average price of the April auction.

“The sale has gone very well and the prices match the ones we obtained in February. Large skin sizes and good quality skins perform best in the collection, says “Jesper Lauge Christensen, Sales Director at Kopenhagen Fur.

- We have a long auction, and the days can be long when we have many show lots in the sales programme. This past Saturday, the sale ended late in the evening. However, the following day we experienced a great energy in the auction room. The sale moved along in a quickly flow, especially yesterday when Brown Males were offered. The auction room was quite active, and the customers fought hard for the goods,
he says.

Same mink Top Lot buyer as last auction

Top Lot in Silverblue Cross Females was bought by Mr Frank Sun representing Hua Xin Fur Co. LTD. He also bought a mink Top Lot at the last auction in February 2015

“ My customers like Danish mink. They only want the best quality, “ says Frank Sun.

As with his recent purchase, this Top Lot is going to promote Danish quality in a specific area of China, Xin Ji City, where the company has grown into the leading manufacturer of fur garments..

This time Frank Sun bought the mink Top Lot for his customer Mr Zhang Shi Xiong from EDGAR Fur & Leather Clothing Co. LTD.


Sales Results





Day 3: Auction Continues!


Kopenhagen Fur's April 2015 sales continued with Swakara (black & white), Swakara/ Karakul, Silverblue & Silverblue Velvet (M, F), Sapphire & Sapphire Velvet (M,F), Silverblue Cross (M, F) and Sapphire Cross (M,F), skins. The skin prices were again slightly easier (5 – 9)% than their earlier sales with all the quantities selling 100 per cent.

Ms Eleftheria Konstantinou
purchased both the White and Black Swakara Top lot. She is representing her father's company, Konstantinou Furs.

“ We have been purchasing the Black or the White Swakara Top Lot for four years. This year, I really wanted both of them. I simply just love the amazing quality, so it makes me very happy that we purchased both. At our company we believe that top quality skins and a healthy work environment is the key to success,” says Ms Eleftheria Konstantunou.

Konstantinou Furs
is owned by Ms Eleftheria Konstantunou's father Mr Athanasios Konstantinou and the company is located in Greece. Ms Eleftheria Konstantunou explains that it has not yet been decided how the two Top Lots are going to be used, but she has many ideas.


Sales Results





Day 1 & 2; Kopenhagen Fur’s April Auction - Good Start


Kopenhagen Furs April sales started on Friday, April 17th with around 600 buyers from around the world and approximately 300 of which are from China or Hong Kong.

According to Kopenhagen Fur Sales Director Jesper Lauge Christensen this auction there are approx. 100 new buyers from China in the auction room.

The skin prices were slightly easier than their earlier sales with all the quantities selling 100 per cent.


Sales Results


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Updated: April 24, 2015