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Kopenhagen Fur Accessories
Kopenhagen Studio

When Kopenhagen Fur built Kopenhagen Studio - its creative workshop and marketing centre - the company swore to find new ways of spreading the word about fur. The newest addition to this project is an accessories and interiors department on the second floor of Kopenhagen Studio.

Fur accessories and interiors hold many benefits for the fur trade. Firstly, it is a broadening of the market that does not take market shares from existing trade – it is merely an add-on for fur lovers that already purchase fur garments. Secondly, fur accessories and interiors are a perfect way to create new fur lovers, as these items carry a price tag that is often more accessible for young men and women than traditional garments. Lastly, fur accessories and interiors are not perceived as ‘real’ fur pieces, breaking down the barrier for those that might have doubts about the controversial material.

The new department under Kopenhagen Fur’s workshop - Product Development - has Product Development Manager Lone Olsen in charge. She has been with Kopenhagen Fur since the beginning and has recently completed a month-long course at Ars Sutoria to be even better at her job.

- Interiors and especially accessories are an inexhaustible source of income for the fur trade. It is actually odd that manufacturers and retailers have not tapped more into this source decades ago, but at least we now see a tremendous growth in the production of these items, says Lone Olsen about her focus area.

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