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Saga Furs



House of Saga Furs

Situated in the idyllic Danish countryside at the heart of Northern Zealand, Saga Desgin Centre is Saga Furs administrative headquarters and the heart of creative innovation in fur.

Saga Design Centre’s team of designers and furriers have continually developed bold new uses for fur -- and have shared this knowledge with designers from around the world. As the designer’s choice, we invite creative minds to Saga Design Centre to make dreams of fur a reality.

At Saga Design Centre furriers and designers test the limits of creativity to extend the potential of fur.

Saga Furs has welcomed more than 25,000 guests from all over the world to Saga Design Centre since it opened in 1988.

As the designer’s choice, Saga Furs has invited creative minds from around the globe to Saga Design Centre to explore the future world of fur.

The historic manor was built at the start of the 20th century as the country residence of a renowned Danish opera singer.

The residential wing of the manor house is where guests of Saga Furs stay when visiting Saga Design Centre. Adminstration offices and the Saga Workshop are located in other sections of the building.

The World of Saga Furs

Saga Design Centre offers guests luxurious hospitality and full discretion. Most of all, it gives you a chance to enter the exciting world of Saga Furs.

Our prime goal is to forge friendships and collaborations with our guests. That’s how we expand Saga Design Centre’s creative network – and yours.