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Mission Statement


Connecting the Fur Industry World Wide


RB Media Group is the publisher of a directory, web portal and resource center for the international fur industry. RB Media Group provides an online portal which is in four different languages (English, Russian, Chinese & Turkish) covering all the events from around the world. Current updates of the fur industry and market news, as well as fur auction dates, preliminary offering and results, trends in fashion, color and design, feature articles, designer profiles, fashion videos and photos, marketing aids and a calendar of events on our web portal.

The company’s list of thousands of retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, skin dealers, processors, brokers, and other ancillary services from countries around the world, is the most comprehensive in the industry. RB Media’s resource center also includes photo coverage of the major International fur fashion fairs.

At EFURMEDIA.COM you’ll discover all of the pertinent information and auction dates and results for the major industry kingpins including American Legend, Kopenhagen Fur, Fur Harvesters Auction Inc., Saga Fur Sales, NAFA and Sojuzpushina.

The site covers all of the major fur and leather runway shows around the world including: The China Fur & Leather Products Fair, Hong Kong’s International Fur & Fashion Fair, Milan’s MIFUR International Fair, NAFFEM - North American Fur & Fashion Exposition, MEXA International Fur Fair, Istanbul Leather & Fur Fair, Kastoria International Fair, Chapeau International Exhibition and Le Cuira Paris Leather & Fur Event.


International Fur Industry Resource Center
Online Fur Portal


RB Media’s Administered Online Forum which currently has over 18,000 registered and verified users, gives access to the entire fur industry and the general public. Here participants are welcome to discuss, give opinions and talk about topics such as: the Fur Industry In General, Fur Care, Fur Marketplace, Fur Fashion Shows, Fur Fashion Discussions, Young Designers & Accessories and much more.

EFURMEDIA.COM is a one-stop information site for anyone in the fur industry. You’ll even find a real time Currency & Foreign Exchange Convertor as well as a Weather Forecaster with an International Cities Index.

RB Media Group Inc.