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NAFA Auction Reports – February 2014
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Monday, 17 February 2014



Day 6: Excellent Clearances in Heavy Raccoon


NAFA’s wild fur sale started 6th day of the auction with a very large offering of raccoon which sold over 90% under strong competition for all heavy sections. China dominated. Beaver met with resistance throughout, due to uncertainty about its price structure. Lynx and lynx cats sold 100% under strong competition. Greece dominated with good support from Russia and Europe.

Day 6: Results




Day 5: Black NAFA Females Bring Mink Auction to a Close on a High Note


NAFA’s February mink auction ended today with one of the best ever assortments of Black NAFA female mink selling at strong prices and 100% clearances. Korea led the competition in today’s Black female mink sale in the face of aggressive bidding from China and the other international markets. Demi Wild females followed yesterday’s trend of the bigger and higher quality, short nap mink obtaining premium prices while the longer nap and smaller sized mink, once again, experienced easier prices but still at 100% clearance levels.

Day 5: Results




Day 4: Black NAFA Males


Black NAFA and Demi Wild male mink sold today at 100 percent during a day of active bidding. In particular, the high quality, short nap Black NAFA mink that NAFA is so well known for, sold extremely well to very strong competition and prices.

The sale of short nap Demi Wild males also followed this trend while the longer nap and smaller sized mink sold at easier prices. China and Greece dominated the buying in the auction room but there was good support from all other international fur markets.

Day 4 Results




Day 3: Blue Iris did well on Third day of NAFA’s Auction


Momentum from a strong Mutation Mink sale carried over into Day Three of NAFA's February auction.

A quality collection of Silverblue and Blue Iris, Mahogany mink sold 100 percent amid competitive bidding from across the international buying community. In fact, one of the highlights of the day was the sale of Blue Iris mink which sold with surprisingly strong results.

Again in 3rd day of the auction strong clearance levels continue to be an encouraging signal of confidence in the overall marketplace.

Todays Results




Day 2: NAFA Mutation Mink & Wild Furs Sale


Second day of NAFA’s auction continued with, collection of NAFA mutation mink that enjoyed 100 percent clearance levels with tremendous buying support coming from all corners of the international markets. All of this clearly demonstrates that mink in all colors is still very much in demand.

Todays Results



Sale continued in the afternoon with Wild furs: Wild Mink, Musquash, Fisher & Otter selling at 100 percent clearances and strong demand.





Day 1: NAFA Welcomes Buyers to February Auction


Coyotes sell strong amid good competition from the international trimming tradees sell strong amid good competition from the international trimming trade.

The first day of the February 2014 auction opened Monday, with NAFA welcoming an international crowd of nearly 400 buyers. The sale kicked off in NAFA’s newly renovated and expanded auction room with a strong offering of over 70,000 Coyote selling at prices that rose modestly over last year’s averages. Red and Grey foxes sold at reduced levels.

Silver Foxes met with selective demand while the Mutation Foxes saw high clearances.


Top Lot


COYOTE SKINS: The top lot of Coyote was purchased by Rebellato Graziano of Castelfranco Veneto, Italy.

RED FOX: The top lot of Red Fox was purchased by Angelo Argiriou for Argiriou Furs of Montreal, Canada.

SILVER FOX: The top lot of Silver Fox was purchased by FURNA TUR PRIMA DONNA of Moscow, Russia



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