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Mobile-Commerce Promises to Extend the Web Influence on Retail Sales



The web influence on all retail spending in the United States – in fact around the world – is going to increase as more consumers use mobile devices inside stores to read product, search information and compare prices, according to a new report by Forrester Research Inc.

According to researches, thanks to the part that practice, called “showrooming,” the web will influence an estimated $1.66 trillion in U.S. retail sales by 2016, up from $1.10 trillion in 2011, the report shows.

Showrooming -
describes consumers using smartphones in stores and connecting the websites to compare prices offered by competing retailers, and sometimes completing a purchase with a competitor while standing in the first retailer’s aisles.


M-Commerce Forrester also says that by 2016, web-influenced offline spending and online retail sales combined will account for $1.99 trillion, or 52% of all retail spending in the United States, which the research firm estimates will reach $3.80 trillion.

These figures in the USA - online retail sales was $155.2 Billion in 2009, a far larger portion of offline sales were influenced by online research. According to Forrester $917 Billion worth of retail sales were “Web-Influenced” in 2009. (Around 42% total retail sales in USA). See Web Influence on Retail Sale, October 2, 2010.

Forrester analysts also predict that while showrooming behavior until now has had the greatest impact on hard goods categories such as consumer electronics, furniture, home appliances… no product category is immune to the impact of showrooming and the instant access the mobile web provides consumers. Researchers foresee a future in which the ability to receive targeted messages and coupons easily and instantaneously will impact other categories that have been weaker with respect to online sales.


Koral Kanca
Publisher - RB Media Group / EFURMEDIA

August 9, 2012