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TOPIC: Presentation seminars bring a wealth of ideas ..
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Presentation seminars bring a wealth of ideas .. 8 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 1  
Saga Furs-sponsored Presentation seminars in Beijing and Shanghai provided clothing and other fashion textile companies with a host of ideas for integrating fur into their lines. The spring sessions were part of Saga Furs' ongoing partnerships in China.

The Chinese participants at the Saga Furs Presentation seminars were eager to learn how they could add fur features to their production or retail lines. After some scheduling hitches caused by disrupted air travel as a result of volcanic ash, the two events--a two-day seminar in Beijing and a one-day gathering in Shanghai--were a bustle of activity.

In a hands-on presentation, Saga Furs product development manager Per Reinkilde conducted sessions from a technical point of view. "A lot of them were people who normally do not use much fur. I had some samples and showed them various trim or detailing ideas, explained how the techniques could be used in production, which types of fur could be used, how much material was needed, and loads of other practical points."

Anne Rossinen, marketing director of Finnish Fur Sales-Saga Furs conducted sessions to familiarize the participants with various Saga Furs® products. "At the beginning of the seminar, we gave the participants a comprehensive presentation of Finnish Fur Sales-Saga Furs activities to give an all-round view of how we supply markets with superior furs from responsible sources. This was an important element of the sessions," she says.

"It's very important to convey information about sourcing furs and working with the material," Reinkilde notes. "From my side, it is vital to teach them that, first of all, it can be done and can be done relatively simply, and secondly, that fur can really add value to a collection."

Fox steals the show

The furs and techniques used at the two Presentation gatherings were a mix of mink and fox, but especially fox grabbed a lot of attention. What intrigued many of the participants was getting a first-hand view of how fox techniques give such lightness to a garment. The fox presentations also bolstered their awareness of the current fashion trends that have made fox a hot tem. An overall message conveyed to the participants stressed the versatility of fur as a material, not only for garments, but also accessories and bags.

"The participants were amazed at what they saw. One designer commented: "Why didn't you show it to me earlier? I can easily apply one of these techniques and add it to my collection, and sell thousands of units in my shops,'" says Nora Tse, Saga Furs' China representative. "I'd say the various Saga Furs techniques using fox was a real eye-opener to lots of the designers. We are in a good position to provide them with the means for prototype fox garments that can result in saleable items."

Major players from the Chinese industry

Both sessions aimed at Chinese fashion companies drew around 20 people each, including chief designers, creative directors, product development managers and merchandising directors. They represented companies specializing in leather, cashmere, women's- and men's wear.

"I also had some finished pieces with me," says Reinkilde. "That's important for these groups as some were not all that familiar with fur as a material. The prototypes give them the real thing and show what they can do with fur."

A number of the companies attending the sessions have between 100 and 300 shops in China, with their primary target group being the 25-45 demographic. The designers, and others on the creative or business ends of their respective organizations, appreciated what Saga Furs Design Centre has been doing. Many of them will apply what they learned at the sessions and add fur features to their A/W collections.
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